UEB Pharmaceutical Supplies, assured guarantee and efficiency

UEB Pharmaceutical Supplies, assured guarantee and efficiency

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Created just three years ago, UEB (Base Business Unit) Pharmaceutical Supplies, is an organization capable of efficiently receiving, handling, storing and distributing supplies for the national pharmaceutical industry.

UEB Pharmaceutical Supplies, assured guarantee	and efficiency

Yanelys Ricardo Leyva, MSc., explained to this magazine that the UEB, of which she is the director, belongs to the Medicines Marketing and Distribution Company EMCOMED, subordinate to the BioCubaFarma Business Group. The organization has 124 workers specialized in this activity, located in two distribution centers in the provinces of Mayabeque and Havana, respectively.

The first, in the San José de las Lajas municipality, stores and distributes packing material, spare parts and means of protection, while the second is in the Havana municipality of Guanabacoa and handles pharmaceutical raw materials and reagents, she said. The responsibility involved in the UEB’s work is extremely important, said the biology graduate, because it is the first link in the pharmaceutical product supply chain.

Its management, she continued, ranges from inventory control of the supplies needed for medicine production in all the country’s laboratories to other research centers of the business group.

In addition, she noted, the UEB offers its clients a specialized service extracting raw material samples for compliance analysis.

UEB Pharmaceutical Supplies, assured guarantee	and efficiency

To fulfill its functions, the organization has an Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS) based on processes to develop, implement and improve efficiency through documentation used to satisfy clients and other stakeholders, in accordance with requirements.

The processes in the commercial and operational areas are fundamental, she said. The former regulates the entire supply chain by managing each customer’s inventory, from receipt of the documentation to its departure, according to their orders. This includes charging for the services with a view to complying with the UEB’s annual revenue plan, as well as dealing with any complaints, thus improving the quality of services.

The proper functioning of this activity is the organization’s main strength and is therefore defined as a key result area in terms of fulfilling its mission, she said.

The bulk of the raw materials received are stored at room temperature. However, those supplies that need certain temperatures are stored according to their requirements, which is guaranteed.

UEB Pharmaceutical Supplies, assured guarantee	and efficiency

The UEB, she said, has a security system of such magnitude that it has a separate, limited-access area for the storage of psychotropic substances and substances having a similar effect. In addition, it has a room specifically designed to store and hold raw materials and reagents which, due to their physico-chemical characteristics, require special storage and protection.

All the work developed by the UEB is ultimately aimed at achieving customer satisfaction and establishing strategic alliances for the benefit of our society, she emphasized finally.



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