FARMACUBA, facilitator of biopharmaceutical exports in Cuba

FARMACUBA, facilitator of biopharmaceutical exports in Cuba

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By Roxana Consuegra, Photos: José (Tito) Meriño

Solid among the world leaders in the marketing of pharmaceutical goods, services and products, FARMACUBA is the Import-Export company of the Industrias Biotecnológica y Farmacéutica de Cuba (BioCubaFarma), part of the Organización Superior de Dirección Empresarial (OSDE).

Currently, its Export Business Unit is immersed in the foreign marketing strategy of its product portfolio. For this, its director, MSc. Miguel Ángel Malboa Quintero, together with the commercial study group, is directing the activities in three fundamental steps.

FARMACUBA, facilitator of biopharmaceutical exports in Cuba

Once the products with the established parameters for marketing have been defined, the identification of market niches and potential clients begins. Once approved, a code for foreign trade is granted and the product is submitted for health registration according to the legislation of the different consumer countries. Among the Cuban products with the highest demand at international level are several genetic drugs produced by various national laboratories belonging to BioCubaFarma. These can be in the form of tablets, capsules, oral liquids, creams, ointments, injectables, oral suspension, as well as medicines for veterinary use, cosmetics and animal food, among others.

In the Centro Nacional de Biopreparados (BioCen), the vaccines for allergy immunotherapy Valergen, the anti-anemia medication Trofin and the immunomodular Biomodulin T are produced. The latter, already in use for several years as a treatment to strengthen the immune system in the elderly, has recently been employed as a preventive measure against Covid-19 disease, and has become a leading export product in the biopharmaceutical sector, with growth in its marketing and greater opportunities due to its important role in accompanying population aging.

FARMACUBA, facilitator of biopharmaceutical exports in Cuba

For their part, the antibiotics produced by the Empresa 8 de Marzo, of the beta-lactam type, are marketed in countries such as Colombia, Venezuela and others in the Central American region, in their different pharmaceutical forms.

The products of the Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria, derived from the human placenta, whose function are therapeutic and cosmetic, have also been positioned in the foreign market. Among these, Melagenina Plus for the treatment of vitiligo, the dietary supplement Biopla, and the Amnioterapia cosmetics have attracted the attention of countries such as Angola and Turkey.

Meanwhile, the Centro Nacional para la Producción de Animales de Laboratorio (CENPALAB) continues developing various products which could be potential exportable items. Among them are moringa, mulberry and tithonia pellets as raw materials for the animal feed industry, animal breeding for laboratory use and the manufacture of vaccines and veterinary diagnostic tools. They also design technologies for the automation of agricultural processes.

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