FarmaCuba. Quality, Compromise and Experience at the service of health

FarmaCuba. Quality, Compromise and Experience at the service of health

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By Roxana Consuegra, Photos: José (Tito) Meriño

One of the world leaders in the commercialization of pharmaceutical goods, services and products, FARMACUBA constitutes the Import-Export Company of the Industria Biotecnológica y Farmacéutica de Cuba (BioCubaFarma), currently integrated into the Organización Superior de Dirección Empresarial (OSDE). In an interview with CubaPLUS magazine, its General Director MSc. Adis Nuvia Neyra Muguercia, shared information of interest on the entity’ s development.

She likewise expressed several of the immediate aims and actions to be taken based on its position within the international market, according to her business vision. She pointed out the importance of preparing human capital, particularly that related to the areas of business and commercial development, as well as integrating and having workers participate in solving problems. On the other hand, she stressed that being in contact with a market such as that of medicines and the biopharmaceutical industry, requires a strengthening of the integrated management system, with emphasis on quality, security in the supply chain, technological surveillance and internal control. By implementing these actions in parallel, the strategy is set out to achieve a fundamental objective: to become an authorized economic operator.

The high volume of operations for the Cuban biopharmaceutical industry, as well as the profit obtained from international logistics and customs management in the midst of a highly competitive market, contribute to achieving this purpose.

FarmaCuba. Quality, Compromise and Experience at the service of health

The Cuban biopharmaceutical industry in general has worldwide recognition, despite operating in a context with serious restrictions. It continually produces new products, and works on improving existing ones. This strength is crucial to maintaining current customers, and at the same time continue building market share. Furthermore, the constant updating and improvement of quality standards ensure the gradual growth of exports, coupled with the commercialization of exclusive products in the international market.

Generic products, products derived from the human placenta, blood products and natural products are the most important profiles in export.

Of these, generic products are in greatest demand, precisely those linked to the care of the seriously ill patient. The human placenta-derived products are gaining importance in FARMACUBA ’s exports, coinciding with a line of unique products developed in the country and enjoying worldwide prestige. This favorable condition affects the economy of the country by saving financial resources. The correct choice of suppliers and customers, and obtaining the best products at the best price and with the shortest delivery time, also allows fluidity in the supply of resources to the industry. It takes advantage of its installed capacity, and is introduced with it into the national market, ensuring the basic schedule of medicines in Cuba.

In exceptional situations, FARMACUBA has placed itself at the epicenter of the battle to guarantee all the supplies that the industry requires and avoid limitations on products for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Recently, before COVID- 19, FARMACUBA participated in ensuring the necessary resources to combat disease with the implementation of its three fundamental bastions: experience, quality and commitment.