Health & Medicine

By: Irisnexy Regueira Oliú

The Corporate Group LABIOFAM, currently enjoying great recognition for the skill of its specialists and quality of products for human and animal health, has been composed of seven producing companies, six in Cuba and one abroad, a service company, and two trading import-export companies: Labiofam S.A. Trading Company and Bio Asia. The Genix company now joins this esteemed list.

Genix is the main Cuban producer of all products derived from spirulina (a nutritional supplement made primarily from Arthrospira cyanobacteria). Named as Production and Trading Company of Microalgae and its derivatives, Genix was founded in 1996 to satisfy the need for natural bio-concentrated nutrition products, particularly for sportsmen and health institutions in Cuba and other nations.

Long dedicated only to production and sale of Spirulina, Genix currently has a range of 24 products including cosmetics for hair, facial and body use, as well as protection creams, plus nutritional supplements based on Spirulina platensis, combined with Royal Jelly, Vitamin C and Ginseng.

The company has commercial ties with Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and three European countries. It now joins the Corporate Group LABIOFAM in charge of LABIOFAM’s production of natural medicines and dietary supplements that for over 20 years has been a leader in the research of new natural products for health.