Canadian Lung Cancer Patient Survives Thanks to Cuban Vaccine

Canadian Lung Cancer Patient Survives Thanks to Cuban Vaccine

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Worldwide some 1.6 million people develop lung cancer every year. It is the most common form of cancer among human beings and the most deadly, taking 1.38 million lives annually.

Canadian Lung Cancer Patient Survives Thanks to Cuban VaccineIn spite of these statistics the Cuban cancer vaccine CimaVax EFG is giving patients new hope. It was developed to treat advanced stage non-small-cell lung carcinoma, which accounts for some 85% of lung cancer cases.

Judy Bryden from Saskatchewan in Canada was diagnosed with lung cancer. In January 2017 doctors advised Judy she had an estimated 12 months to live without chemotherapy, and that a course of chemotherapy would perhaps only extend her life by an additional 4 months. She chose to undertake chemo but stopped after the first cycle made her violently ill.

Judy and her husband Lorne heard about CIMAvax via the internet and organized treatment for Judy at La Pradera International Health Centre in Havana. Lorne described their experience to CubaPlus.

“Firstly we were met by a La Pradera representative at the airport and taken by taxi to La Pradera. We stayed in a large villa and had a personal chef that prepared all our meals.”

“The first day Judy was examined by Dr. Anabely Estevez García and Dr. Marelen Carranza Aquilar who remained her doctors through the visit. She had blood tests and scans. The next morning Judy was given a small injection of Cisplatin (40ml). The next day was a day of rest. We did a tour of downtown Havana.”

Canadian Lung Cancer Patient Survives Thanks to Cuban Vaccine“The following morning Judy received her first injections of CIMAvax_EGF. On the final morning we left Havana at 7:00 am. We were met by La Pradera staff at 4:00am and driven to the airport. The representative stayed with us until we were checked in and through security for our return flight.”

“The doctors in Cuba do not say they can “cure” cancer. They do suggest they can turn it into a chronic disease. As we understand it the vaccine stimulates the immune system to target the epidermal growth factor (EGF). Without the EGF cancer cells cannot split and will then die.”

“Judy had a full body scan in September 2017. It indicated that a small tumor in her hip, that she received five radiation treatments for in early 2017, was smaller in size. There was no other indication of cancer anywhere else. Judy had CT scans of her chest and pelvic areas in February 2018. Her lungs are still clear of cancer.”

“Judy has never had any significant side effects from the treatments.”

“We were so very impressed with the reception and treatment we received from all the staff at La Pradera. Judy felt it was one of the best experiences of her life! And her husband and daughter agree! Judy told the Doctors and nurses that she loved their passion. “You are our passion,” was their reply. We strongly recommend La Pradera.”