The Power of Peloid (Medicinal Mud)

The Power of Peloid (Medicinal Mud)

Medical Advances

Peloid therapy is the simultaneous use, for preventive and curative purposes, of the benefits of the marine environment, which includes seawater, mud, algae and marine sludge.

The Power of Peloid (Medicinal Mud)

Harness the power of peloid! (medicinal mud) Insomnia, stress, asthma, pharyngitis, rheumatism...All chronic ailments experience a clear improvement when using mud or peloide.

The Greeks already knew the healing properties and the multiple physical and psychic benefits of this treatment.

The secret is in the wise combination of nature, climate, algae that abound in their compounds that make our body regain the lost balance.

The peloide is ideal to preserve health and beauty thanks to the fact that it contains multiple elements necessary for our metabolism and difficult to obtain through the daily diet.

...IN HEALTH - Avoids, delays or decreases disability - It acts in chronic diseases, where it is very difficult to find relief by other means. - Allows its use for aesthetics and prevention of common diseases. - Provides the skin with minerals, iodine and sodium that prevent aging - It is a way to perform a peeling on the feet. Gently rubbing with the mud results in a smooth skin. - Its temperature favours blood circulation and revitalises muscles. - It is recommended for people with inflammatory and joint diseases. - It has antibiotic properties - They detoxify, firm, tone, promote the supply of oxygen to cells and help nourish the skin. In the world of cosmetics is widely used, especially for its draining action to reduce localized fat, exfoliating and cleansing.