La Pradera Returning to the world of sound

La Pradera Returning to the world of sound

Medical Advances

Hearing is invaluable. One of the five senses through which human beings perceive their environment, hearing allows us to know when we’re in danger as well as to enjoy birdsong, the sounds of nature, the sounds of the city, good music.

La Pradera Returning to the world of sound

Sometimes in life a person loses their hearing, in an accident or for some other reason, but today’s scientific advances have managed to solve this problem almost entirely with the advent of the cochlear implant.

The cochlear implant is a small and complex electronic device that helps give back the sense of sound to profoundly deaf people and those with severe hearing impairments. Its function is to do the work of the damaged parts of the inner ear.

In Cuba this procedure is has been used successfully since the establishment of the National Cochlear Implant Programme in 2004. Up to now, around 430 patients have received implants, most of them children, and the results have been excellent. CIS La Pradera is an institution recognized nationally and internationally for cochlear implant treatments and other specialized medical services aimed at improving wellbeing and quality of life.

The cochlear implant programme is recognized for its prestige and experience. Made up of a multidisciplinary group of professionals including ear surgeons, audiologists, speech therapists, psychologists, neurologists and paediatricians the programme offers patients and their families long term support throughout the decision making process and through the implementation of treatment to achieve improvements in hearing and communication skills for a positive impact on quality of life.

La Pradera Returning to the world of sound

The Speech Therapy department of this acclaimed institution has more than fifteen years of experience in satisfying the needs and expectations of its patients, with a strong scientific and research base specialized in audiology and speech sciences.

The department uses the best, most up-to-date techniques for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of auditory and speech pathologies to offer a holistic, integrated service to patients.

With cutting edge diagnostic technology and top class specialized medical professionals, La Pradera offers optimal speech therapy services with an emphasis on treatments for those with hearing difficulties.

It also offers an excellent programme for adapting to hearing aids.

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