University of Medical Science of Havana, Falculty of Stomatology

University of Medical Science of Havana, Falculty of Stomatology

Medical Advances

The Faculty of Stomatology of the UCMH is the guiding center for Dentistry in our country. The Stomatology program is done over the course of 5 years, structured by semester. Various research projects are developed among which stand out those in the field of implantology and biomaterials for stomatologic use.

University of Medical Science of Havana, Falculty of Stomatology

Five specialty programs are offered:

  • General Dentistry
  • Prothetics
  • Periodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Stomatology
  • Maxillofacial surgery

The Faculty is the head office for Masters studies in Geriatric Dentistryas well as for the Stomatology Sciences Commission and Doctorate Tribunal.There are also various courses and training of graduate students in basic and advanced oral surgery, implantology, periodontal surgery and others that are organized according to the interests and requirements of the interested parties. The Faculty is widely recognized for its professional experience, leadership in teaching, research and care, with high commitment and identification to the school's mission and vision.

Within the buildings that belong to the Faculty there are 15 laboratories, 12 stomatological services with 140 dental units, 2 maxillofacial rooms linked to the national network of this activity and in direct coordination with the city's Oncology services, implantology services and ATM both related to third level stomatological attention for the population. In addition to providing training in other duly accredited institutions for both graduate and undergraduate levels, the Faculty has good bibliographical backup at its disposal, with proper updates in order to meet the demands of the training process.

Facilities of the Institution:

  • 4 buildings
  • 15 laboratories
  • 12 stomatological services
  • 2 surgery rooms
  • 11 classrooms
  • 2 amphitheatres
  • Implantology consultation and temporomandibular joint disorder care
  • International Clinic
  • Buco- Maxillofacial Prosthetic clinic
  • Other laboratories
  • Other services

Facilities for the Basic Sciences feature:

  • 1 anatomy room
  • 3 multipurpose classrooms
  • 1 amphitheatre
  • 5 general classrooms
  • 1 histo-embryology laboratory

Building for Pre-Clinical and Clinical Sciences features:

  • 1 classroom for the development of general microbiology and pathology practices
  • 1 Pathological Anatomy laboratory
  • 1 technical operation laboratory
  • 1 technical prosthetics laboratory