Medical attention and health care in Cuba, Serving the World

Medical attention and health care in Cuba, Serving the World

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The accomplishments of Cuba's health system, its scientific and technical achievements in biotechnology and medicine, and the professionalism and humanism of the country's doctors and all its healthcare personnel are the main reasons for growing interest in health-related travel to Cuba.

Medical attention and health care in Cuba, Serving the WorldSERVIMED is a Cuban organization that guarantees health services for tourists at e national health system centers and international clinics located in the country's main tourist destinations; in addition, it has a national network of opticians' offices and pharmacies that complement its comprehensive services.

Via its multilingual medical team, SERVIMED receives and processes applications for medical attention in Cuba, coordinating the reception of the patient and accompanying family member at the airport; their transfer to a healthcare center or hotel; and all services in Cuba. And according to the customer's interest, those services are combined with cultural activities and enjoyment of Cuba's beaches and nature.

Medical attention and health care in Cuba, Serving the WorldThe most frequently-requested programs include the following:

● Programs for treating addiction

This program is aimed at treating addictions to heavy drugs, prescription medicines, and alcohol, and is carried out in specialized therapeutic communities, where the techniques and professional experience of prestigious Cuban psychologists and psychiatrists are combined and applied in stages, aimed fundamentally at channelling the patient's individual, family and social responsibility with a view to overcoming his or her addiction and projecting a change in the quality of his or her lifestyle.

● Clinical-surgical programs

Medical attention and health care in Cuba, Serving the WorldInclude comprehensive and specialized medical checkups, complex trauma surgery, treatment of degenerative diseases, organ and tissue transplants, neurovascular microsurgery, and the study and treatment of chronic and malignant diseases.

● Retinitis pigmentosa program

The retinitis pigmentosa program is structured into four main elements.

Medical attention and health care in Cuba, Serving the WorldThe first and most important is revitalizing surgery united with ozone therapy; electro-stimulation, and the use of medicine for retinal atrophies.

This treatment program is the result of more than 20 years of research and development; it has served as the basis for Cuba's national program for the study, prevention, and control of retinitis pigmentosa with determination of prevalence, epidemiological monitoring, and identification of at-risk groups, and continuous medical attention for patients.

Medical attention and health care in Cuba, Serving the WorldThe prestige attained by the International Retinitis Pigmentosa Center in Cuba and SERVIMED's international management have made it possible for patients from more than 96 countries to be attended at the International Retinitis Pigmentosa Center in Havana, with satisfactory results in controlling the development of this disease.

● Program for the treatment of patients with vitiligo, psoriasis and alopecia

The research carried out by Dr. Millares Cao using products obtained from human placenta has made it possible to develop programs for the effective treatment of these dermatological conditions.

● Aesthetic surgery programs

Medical attention and health care in Cuba, Serving the WorldReconstructive surgery for solving problems such as skin aging, congenital or acquired deformities, burns, and others. The most popular treatments include breast reduction and augmentation, correction of facial defects, the smoothing out of wrinkles and skin tightening.

New treatments:

  • Diabetic foot treatment: Heberprot-P has become an effective solution for treating complex diabetic foot ulcers, reducing the risk of amputation for patients with advanced lesions on their feet.
  • Cancer treatments using the monoclonal antibodies VIDACIM and CIMAVAX, with highly satisfactory results.
  • Vidatox, a homeopathic product obtained from the venom of the Rhofalurus junceus scorpion, is one of our new natural products, with an appreciable effect on improving the quality of life of patients with different types of cancer at different stages, with an improvement of symptoms, pain relief, and a longer life.