MEDICUBA S. A. Working for Health for Half a Century

MEDICUBA S. A. Working for Health for Half a Century

Health & Medicine

By: Mercy Ramos

Since its constitution just over 50 years ago, MEDICUBA S. A. has served the national health system as the way of entry for the acquisition of the necessary supplies to adequately respond to the needs of the Cuban population,” said the Carlos Torres Suco, M.Sc., Medicuba’s president.

MEDICUBA S. A. Working for Health for Half a CenturyIn an interview granted to Cubaplus, Torres explained that since its foundation in December 1962, the organization has been responsible for the acquisition of medications, expendable materials and equipment that were not being produced on the island, notwithstanding the complexities of the market and the challenges imposed by the American embargo.

“Our fundamental work,” he added, “has been to guarantee the supply of necessary products as required by the national health system and its external services, and this on the basis of diversity, quality of the products as well as acquired technologies”.

MEDICUBA S. A. Working for Health for Half a Century“Consequently, we are able to fulfill the demands of the wholesale distribution companies, medical service entities as well as companies involved in the commercialization of medical services, i.e., Wholesaler of Medical Provisions (EMSUME), the Enterprise of Medicines (EMCOMED), Supply and Transport (ENAT), Health Services (SERVISAP), Maintenance and Systems Engineers (EMSI), the National Center of Electromedicine (CNE), the National Center of Technical Orthopaedics, the Central Unit of Medical Collaboration (UCCM), the Enterprise of Medical Cuban Services (SMC) and the health institutions of the country, to which it supplies directly with medical and non- medical technologies as well as spare parts”.

“Medicuba´s main markets are Asia, Latin America and Europe. A large percentage of expendable materials is imported from Asia and are used in hospitals. Medicines and reagents are basically bought in Europe and Latin America while equipment is acquired in European countries, Japan and China,” he explained.

MEDICUBA S. A. Working for Health for Half a Century“Given the priority the country attributes to the development of public health, Medicuba’s effective purchase management as well as the wide array of providers it has access to, we have managed to equip the network of institutions of the island with top technologies,” he emphasized.

With regards to exports he pointed out that they are basically directed at Latin American countries, mainly those that have collaboration agreements with Cuba, and to which are provided a wide array of supplies.

There are also some other countries, such as Algeria, where the level of exports is high and the equipment that is supplied reaches all services, including general hospitals.

MEDICUBA S. A. Working for Health for Half a CenturyAs far as Medicuba´s future work is concerned, the executive added that the company is presently immersed in process-improvement, directed at increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the attainment of its corporate objective.

Finally he highlighted the fact that the company philosophy is customer satisfaction, focused on quality and timeliness of the product demanded. The establishment of a professional relationship with the providers is obviously key for the achievement this objective.

“We are proud to be considered an organization of high social recognition, with capable, motivated professionals, committed and prepared to fulfill, in any circumstance, the social responsibility assigned by the Cuban State,” he concluded.