Placental Histotherapy, important achievement of Cuban health care

Placental Histotherapy, important achievement of Cuban health care

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To say Placental Histotherapy Center is to say DrC. Carlos Manuel Miyares Cao (1939-2015), founding director of the institution, Specialist physician of I and II degrees in Pharmacology and Gynecology, Lead Researcher who has directed around 100 research projects and Labor Hero of the Republic of Cuba.

In an interview granted to CubaPLUS Magazine, Biological Sciences graduate Silvia Vera Shelton, General Director of the Placental Histotherapy Center Dr. Carlos Manuel Miyares Cao (HISPLACEN), stressed that the company, founded on April 25 1986, has reached its 35th anniversary with an accumulated expertise in research, development, production and marketing of medicines, cosmetics and nutrients derived from human placenta, and in providing patients in more than 80 countries with medical services specialized in vitiligo, psoriasis and alopecia, which makes it a reference institution in the world.

Placental Histotherapy, important achievement of Cuban health care

She emphasized that the center’s lead programs offer an alternative for the treatment of these pathologies, with highly effective therapeutic products and without reports of adverse effects, making it suitable for children and adults of both sexes, including elderly people and pregnant women. Vera Shelton added that the center also offers consultations and treatments in Psychiatry, Dermatology and Immunology, products of “Cosmetic Amniotherapy”, a method of skin revitalization in the hair, facial and body areas, the Dietary Supplement BIOPLA, a multi-use protein-mineral concentrate, and postgraduate medical course “Placental Histotherapy in Dermatology”.

The General Director commented that the company inaugurated its production plant in 1995, an action which completed the closed cycle of research, development, production and marketing that characterizes HISPLACEN and other institutions of the Group of Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industries – BioCubaFarma.

Vera Shelton pointed out that the institution has a Human Placenta Collection System established with the Ministry of Public Health, legislated by the Center for the State Control of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices - CECMED, regulatory body of the Republic of Cuba, whose implementation guarantees the biological safety of the products manufactured by the organization.

As for projections, the General Director highlighted the upcoming inauguration of the International Clinic PLUS, with additional services to those currently offered, and the work being carried out in 19 research projects aimed at expanding and renewing the company’s product portfolio.

With a new corporate image, expansion plans and continued improvement of its range of products and services and a human capital committed to the results of the institution’s work, the Dr. Carlos Manuel Miyares Cao Placental Histotherapy Center celebrates its 35th Anniversary and is ready to face the challenges of consolidating its presence in the international market, concluded its General Director.

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