Servicios Médicos Cubanos

Servicios Médicos Cubanos

Health & Medicine

By Juliett Morales García

On the largest island in the Caribbean, health services at both national and international levels have earned their place on the basis of their diversity, quality, specialization and scientific rigueur. Internationally, they have grown in strength and projection as part of the infra-structure development of services and human resources. In Cuba, its exceptional situation has created a unique combination of the idiosyncrasies of its people with scientific and medical development.

Servicios Médicos Cubanos

Visitors to Cuba receive highly competent medical care while comforted by other strengths that make Cuba an extraordinary destination: hospitality, security for its citizens, beautiful scenery, the environment and the traditional culture of a people who are joyful and charismatic.

Basing its work on the prestige and solidity of the National Health System, the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. (SMC) was incorporated assuming experiences and virtues of more than two hundred years of medical practice in Cuba. Besides ensuring well-being of its citizens, SMC has expanded its calling to include the design and administration of health subsystems (academic and epidemiological) on a large scale; offering scope for interventions at times of natural disasters; now expanding its products and services in complexity and geographic projection on an institutional and commercial scale.

Servicios Médicos Cubanos

Adding the key attributes of human competence and inherent ethical-humanist values to its management capacity, this company provides several business lines. Among them are medical care for tourists and foreigners in Cuba, professional and technical health services in foreign countries, teaching and research services in Cuba and abroad; health care services for national entities working in hard currency as well as foreign entities passing through or basing themselves in Cuba.

The portfolio of health services in Cuba has been designed as medical programs that improve the quality of life. Specialized programs include treatment for all ophthalmologic, dermatologic and traumatology disorders, treatment for neurological diseases, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, cardiovascular surgery (adult and pediatric), medical check-ups, surgical oncology, bariatric surgery, orthopedic surgery, endoscopic surgery, dentistry and dental implants, neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation, cochlear implants and rehabilitation and genetic studies.

SMC Academic Services provide a broad range of levels, in accordance with the quality and position Cuba has earned in the realm of general and specialized teaching. Tradition, knowledge and competence amassed since the late 19th century have been added to more contemporary experiences for a clear contribution to a strong and secular professional sector. In the past 50 years, Cuba’s medical sciences universities have trained more than 100,000 doctors, both Cuban and foreigners from more than 80 countries:

Based on its rich teaching experience, SMC offers the following academic programs:

Servicios Médicos Cubanos

—Undergraduate programs: specialized medical and dentistry university courses, internships, projects, degree training, teaching practicum and pre-med course (including Spanish language and specific subjects).

—Postgraduate programs for professional development: courses, training, degree preparation, seminars, workshops, specialized conferences.

—Postgraduate programs for academic training: specialties (residences), masters and doctorates.

To effectively carry out its management, Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. establishes direct contractual relations with national and foreign entities, regional and international bodies, central and local governments, public and private entities and others, enabling customization of each and every one of the programs and services offered.