Solid National Healthcare System, More and Better Services

Solid National Healthcare System, More and Better Services

Health & Medicine

Today, Cuba has great prestige in the field of Medical Sciences and steady development in health care. The implementation of groundbreaking treatments, the application of new techniques, and the training of highly professional staff is a testament to this. That said, Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. (SMC) offers a varied set of healthcare programs in Cuba. Cubaplus interviewed SMC President Ismael Castillo García on the prospects of such programs. 

Cuba's health services, with their diversity and scientific rigor, constitute one of the strongest options for development in the Cuban economy. What are the company's projections for the near future?

Solid National Healthcare System, More and Better ServicesContinuing with SMC health services, our 2012-2013 commercial portfolio is being prepared, with, among its objectives, the development of travelling medical teams. It will also strengthen its alliances with different scientific research centres and boost programs targeted to the elderly. The same is intended for bariatric surgery and the health and wellness programs, as part of an interesting and ambitious project to develop Tarara City, which in future will be called Ciudad Salud (Health City).

What services are more in demand nowadays and how do they include postgraduate courses?

Solid National Healthcare System, More and Better ServicesSMC offers a wide range of academic services that take shape in the different teaching facilities of Medical Universities in Cuba. The latter have a longstanding tradition of medical training and in teaching other specialties such as stomatology, nursing degree programs, and health psychology and health technology degree programs distributed in eight profiles. The latter include imaging, optometry and optics, clinical bioanalysis, comprehensive rehabilitation, nutrition and dietetics, speech and language, hygiene-epidemiology and health information systems.

In addition, as an academic destination, Cuba offers possibilities in more than 50 specialties including clinical, surgical, public health, biomedical and other categories. Also, there are increasingly appealing doctorate and masters programs, established in several internationally recognized health centres, which can be customized according to the most demanding applications.

Solid National Healthcare System, More and Better ServicesRegarding professional training, in great demand are short training courses organized for participants to acquire professional capacities in all the specialties of health sciences. These are courses covering basic and advanced techniques in minimally invasive surgery, obstetric sonography, advanced oral surgery and dental implantology, just to name a few. They are greatly welcomed in the health community that chooses Cuba to distinguish itself professionally.

Nowadays there are 15 facilities with high tech, biotechnology equipment and leading products.

How are those services included in health tourism services and what are the plans to expand them?

Solid National Healthcare System, More and Better ServicesSMC's real strength lies in the firmness of the National Health System. It not only uses the latest technology provided by the system, but also utilizes its most precious asset, an arsenal of highly trained specialists with vast research and academic experience ready to satisfy all clients' requirements.

There are more than twenty hospitals and clinics offering medical programs in all specialties. Some of these programs were developed in cooperation with several renowned Cuban scientific institutions, and include a wide range of products originating from the biotechnology field. Among them, stands out Heberprot-P, a product used in the treatment of diabetic foot, and the much-in-demand use of monoclonal antibodies, Nimotuzumab and the CimaVax-EGF vaccine, in cancer.