The sun giving health

The sun giving health

Health & Medicine

The sun, along with the beaches, is among the things that tourists come to Cuba to enjoy. It is the sun, in fact, that lends its name to the clinics whose assistance is offered by the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos S. A. (CSMC, S.A.), to visitors who want to improve their quality of life in the largest Antillean Island and to treat different health conditions.

The sun giving health

One of the destinations with a Clínica del Sol is the country’s main beach resort Varadero, among the most popular with visitors who want to spend their vacations on a magnificent beach with calm and warm waters, pleasant temperatures and very fine sand, while staying in excellent accommodation and being able to treat any ailment.

Located in the center of the resort town, this institution boasts all the necessary conditions to provide comprehensive and personalized care that will make each patient feel at ease.

The facilities offer comprehensive, specialized medical consultation services, as well as home visits. The medical work is complemented by nursing care providing a support system, as well as caregivers with occupational therapists. The aim is that every visitor who needs it has access to a medical support system that allows him/her to enjoy a stay in the country with the certainty of being well cared for.

The sun giving health

Clínicas del Sol also offers, to those who require it, psychological support from specialists and sanitary transportation with medical or nursing support. Patients will have access to different types of checkups, including basic check-ups, preventive check-ups for elderly or hypertensive patients, and complementary analysis of cardiovascular, pediatric and comprehensive outpatient medicine.

It is important to point out that this health institution for the attention of foreign visitors is the only one, among those located in tourist resorts, that offers hemodialysis services for travelers with chronic renal insufficiency who choose this beach destination for their vacations.

This clinic, as well as others on the island that serve international tourism, has adopted the appropriate protocols in accordance with the world’s health situation, given the situation caused by the pandemic for over a year and a half.

In this regard, Dr. Alexis Medel Avilés, Director of the CSMC, S.A. Branch in Matanzas, the province to which Varadero belongs, explained to this publication that travelers who test positive for covid upon entering the country are sent to the Hotel Hospital on the Hicacos peninsula and the International Clinic performs all the necessary complementary tests to ensure that the patient is in good health.

The sun giving health

The objective is to know if the visitor presents greater risks for his life due to the virus and to be able, then, to put him under a personalized medical surveillance in case of any chronic disease that he presents in advance.

The clinic, he added, offers its services to all clients, even if they cannot afford its prices. Patient health and the protection of other hotel guests and service personnel is always the main concern for Clínicas del Sol.

For a tourist to know that during his vacation he will have a medical support system in case of any eventuality, and can travel without worrying about his health, is undoubtedly one of the main factors that make Varadero a tourist destination where everyone wants to return.


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