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We are pleased to bring you our new magazine. My objective in founding this publication is to present to you what is available in Cuba that will both educate and entertain. 

We hope to reach Canadians who have or are interested in visiting Cuba. We will work in conjunction with the travel industry to promote family oriented vacations to Cuba. We will also cooperate with Canadian solidarity groups that have for many decades supported the struggle and achievements of the Cuban people. 

An important aspect for me is to share the many medical advances that have been developed in Cuba through the excellent universities and research institutions and the financial commitment of the Government. Traditional medicines and treatments along with holistic approaches have all combined to the wellbeing of good health. 

We will include an article in each edition on a medical treatment or process that was developed in Cuba. 

We will also present stories about all aspects of Cuba including music, sport, culture, art and dance. We hope our vision becomes yours.

Articles in this edition:

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