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CubaPlus’ second edition of the year is always popular among our readers, because in it, we focus on tourism, and thus, the upcoming International Tourism Fair of Cuba, FITCuba 2019.

FITCuba is the country’s biggest event in the so-called “smokeless industry”. The International Tourism Fair of Cuba brings travel agencies, tour operators, specialists and other professionals interested in Cuba as a travel destination, together. Furthermore, this is a very special FITCuba edition because it’s being held in Havana, the country’s capital, during the year-long celebrations for the city’s 500th birthday.

Locals and tourists in Havana are witnesses to the extraordinary beauty treatment the city undergoes, — rehabilitating buildings, historical sites — while it gets ready for its special day: November 16, the anniversary of the city’s foundation. This is why this edition is dedicated to the beautiful, urban wonder of Havana. In it we bring our readers the top destinations in Havana such as the Fort of Saint Charles and the Morro Castle.

In this edition the reader will also find stories on artist Manuel López Oliva, “Guy Pérez” National Art Critic Award winner; music group Más con Menos; Mecánica Distributiva fashion; and one of the most iconic Cuban cuisine dishes: congrí.

We hope you enjoy this edition, and if there’s anything else you would like to know about the wonders of this beautiful Island, please visit us at where you’ll find information on the daily events that take place in this small yet big hearted island.

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