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May is eagerly awaited in Cuba, especially in the travel sector, because, with the exception of the last two years, it sees the International Tourism Fair FITCUBA held in the first week of the month, with Varadero as the venue.

On this occasion, FITCUBA will be dedicated to Sun and Beach and participants can enjoy the benefits of the resort, considered in 2022, according to tourist opinion on the Tripadvisor website, as the second best in the world, a fantastic place, with a postcard landscape, fine sand and the bluest water they have ever seen.

That is why this edition dedicates an article to that magnificent beach. It also includes an extensive report on the main destinations in the east of the island, full of history and traditions, as well as an invite to discover part of the Cuban nature found in the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, La Güira and the western peninsula of Guanahacabibes.

We are pleased to present all that took place in the recent XIX version of the Fiesta del Tambor, after two years of recess, and the latest work by the group Klimax and its director Giraldo Piloto, a highlight being the new album Mucho.

In addition, the current volume includes the outstanding visual artist Sinecio Cuétara and the well-known photographer Edgar Brielo. In the fashion section is the designer María Salomé Morales, warmly received by women.

Health is another recurring theme, as the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos S. A. offers visitors numerous treatments for different ailments, as well as in-demand Quality of Life programs.

Cuban industry and agriculture are also featured in this edition, aimed in particular at foreign trade, while sports bring you a review of the discipline’s best Latin American representatives in 2021, by virtue of the survey conducted annually by Prensa Latina.

To close with a flourish and to toast the arrival of summer is the Havana Punch Ginger cocktail, very refreshing and pleasant tasting, prepared with the leader of Cuban rums.

Before closing, it is worth remembering the importance of maintaining sanitary measures to preserve health in the face of COVID-19, which has been affecting the world for more than two years now, despite the improved epidemiological situation in some countries, including Cuba, thanks to the vaccines developed in the country.


Dominic Soave

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