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Cuba registers discreet recovery of tourism last January
Feb 06, 2023
Cuba registered the arrival of 246,000 tourists in the first month of this year, a notable increase compared to the figure reached in January 2022, when the arrival in the country reached only 86,424 visitors.
Opened in Moscow international food fair Prodexpo 2023
Feb 06, 2023
With the presence of more than two thousand companies from 35 countries, the international food fair Prodexpo 2023 opened its doors today at the Exhibition Center of the Russian capital.
The twenties of María Teresa Vera
Feb 06, 2023
María Teresa Vera knew that her destiny would definitely be music and singing the night that, at just 16 years old, she had to repeat her interpretation of the troubadour song Mercedes six times with Rafael Zequeira, accompanied by its author's guitar, Manuel Corona, an event that occurred at Teatro Politeama Grande in the Manzana de Gómez.
Grand Muthu Habana opened its doors
Feb 04, 2023
Located in a privileged place in the Cuban capital, a few meters from the famous 5th Avenue, at the corner of third and 70 in Playa, the Grand Muthu Habana opened its doors this week, with a 5-star category with 497 standard rooms, 16 junior suites, and 5 suites.
Congress ends in Cuba with a call for educators to unite
Feb 04, 2023
With a call to achieve an integration of educators that will lead to development and not to colonization, the 18th International Pedagogy 2023 Congress concluded on Friday.
Flavors of Manzanillo: lisetas and something else...
Feb 03, 2023
Called with love by its inhabitants Pearl of the Guacanayabo, for lying at the foot of the Gulf of the same name in the southeast of Cuba, Manzanillo is a city of simple, cheerful people and full of traditions, among which the culinary ones stand out, in a mixture that combines dishes of marine origin with those from inland, in an organic and natural way.
Day of the wetlands: Birama Swamp
Feb 02, 2023
On the World Day of the Wetlands –February 2nd- we will talk about the Birama Swamp, second largest of Cuba and the Caribbean, whose name has been written both as the Birama Swamp or Virama Wetland.
Cinematheque of Cuba celebrates 63 years with international films
Feb 01, 2023
On the occasion of its 63rd anniversary, the Cinematheque of Cuba invites you to enjoy a select program that will show several international classic motion pictures in high definition.
When Caruso sang and ran in Havana
Feb 01, 2023
On the distant night of June 13, 1920, passers-by on the Paseo del Prado in Havana saw the full-speed run of a gentleman dressed in the clothing of an ancient Egyptian general -Radamés- whom, however, no one was chasing him.
Cuba summoned international information technology convention
Feb 01, 2023
The University of Informatics Sciences (UCI) of Cuba today summoned professionals and researchers in informatics sciences to participate in the V International Scientific Convention Uciencia 2023.
The Bellamar Cave, a palace of the most beautiful glass
Jan 31, 2023
As Cueva de Bellamar, named after the eminent Cuban speleologist and geographer Antonio Núñez Jiménez, it is commonly called by its plural place names, due to the set of amazing galleries and caverns that form its halls, linked by passageways, for its more than 23 kmof extension.
Jazz Plaza 2023 International Festival concludes in Cuba
Jan 30, 2023
The 38th edition of the Jazz Plaza 2023 International Festival will conclude on Sunday after more than 100 concerts in nearly 20 stages, squares, and parks in Havana and Santiago de Cuba.
Best scientific results in 2022 awarded in Cuba
Jan 30, 2023
An award for the greatest social impact in the science sector in Cuba was granted to the development, scaling and production of the Soberana vaccine led by the Finlay Vaccines Institute, a specialized source informed.
History: Flashes of José Martí’s life in Havana
Jan 28, 2023
They say that wherever a being of light passed, its brilliance always shines.For those interested in the history of the places linked to the life of being extraordinary, José Martí Pérez, National Hero of Cuba (Havana, 1853-Dos Ríos, 1895), the Historical Center of the capital invites you to discover some related placesin his day to the work of the brilliant intellectual, poet and Cuban independence fighter, who was also one of the most exalted thinkers of Our America.
Collaboration agreement signed between Meliá Cuba and Marabana/Maracuba
Jan 28, 2023
The Spanish hotel chain Meliá and Marabana/Maracuba of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (CNCCMM) today signed a collaboration agreement through which the Tryp Habana Libre hotel will function as the Marabana headquarters during its next 4 editions.
The Vine’s Cross, a historical relic
Jan 27, 2023
A precious symbol of Christianity, built with wood from the Antillean environment and in a rustic way, it was planted in 1492 by Christopher Columbus in a coastal point on the eastern end of Cuba, later belonging to the legendary Baracoa.
Sky High Dominican airline incorporates Cuba to its itinerary
Jan 27, 2023
Dominican airline Sky High Dominicana will incorporate Cuba into its flight routes starting March 13, the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) reported today.
The Cuban Macaw and the Royal Woodpecker, two great absentees
Jan 26, 2023
The splendid Cuban Macaw (Ara Tricolor) clearly disappeared at the end of the 19th century from the National fauna. If you have seen the photo of a specimen taken from a tourist center, it is one of its Central American relatives, very similar, to illustrate the wonder that we lost due to the extermination by man.
The fine and wonderful Cuban orchids
Jan 25, 2023
There is no one who remains indifferent to the exquisite beauty of an orchid, whether it has the most natural and wild appearance, or seems chiseled in detail by a jeweler. Perhaps it is the most appreciated floral gift in the world, as a symbol of tenderness, the delicacy of pure love and even sensuality, due to the bulbs that compose it and which gave rise to its name of Latin origin, from the word orchis (testicles).
Pet-loving tourists will soon be able to vacation with them
Jan 24, 2023
The pets will accompany their owners, since Villa Tortuga hotel, Varadero will be the first "pet-friendly" accommodation that the Cuba destination will have, belonging to the Gran Caribe group.
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