14th Biennial of Havana starts on November 12

14th Biennial of Havana starts on November 12

Visual Arts

CubaPLUS Magazine

The 14th Havana Biennial, to be held from November 12 to April 30, 2022, will be held as planned, with the presence of more than 300 artists from all over the world, for the three events included in the program.

In a press conference offered Tuesday in the Cuban capital before representatives of accredited national and foreign media, the director of the contest, Nelson Ramírez de Arellano, said the decision to hold that event responded to the wishes of many artists and specialists in the arts. Visuals, the imperative of stabilizing its biannual periodicity, the universal vocation and open culture characterizes the island.

The event, which will take place under the slogan Futurist and Contemporary, was conceived in structure and concept, taking into account the reality of the country and, therefore, raised from sustainability, reusing equipment and spaces in collaboration with local and foreign institutions willing to promote art and culture, said Ramírez de Arellano.

Since its creation, he continued, this event has promoted the plural development of visual expressions and the concurrence of creators, thinkers and groups from various nations, including many located outside the centers of power, with very diverse aesthetics and ideological positions.

We believe that it is our mission to defend that legacy and the existence of an anti-hegemonic space, which privileges dialogue, freedom and, above all, the right of art to exist and be shared, recognizing its value to transform and its power to promote humanity towards a more promising and inclusive future, he said.

Finally, he thanked, on behalf of the creative team, the solidarity voices raised in defense of the event, while urging to respect and support the efforts of the artists and cultural workers of the world who invested their energy to make this confluence possible.