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2024, “Water for peace”

By: Amanda Bedia, photos: Raudel del Llano
Mar 22, 2024
2024, “Water for peace”

Increasingly convinced that water crises can cause acute problems in peacetime and encourage war. A good part of humanity will celebrate this March 22 the World Day dedicated by the UN to the invaluable liquid which in 2024 has the motto of “Water for peace”.

It cannot be denied that this is a challenge that humanity has faced since its dawn, along with the excess caused by floods and due to rain. However, the issue of scarcity or inequity in the provision of the precious element for human life and other species, it seems that it has worsened with the consequences of climate change and governance in countries and communities. That is why it is relevant today and Cuba is no exception. Both authorities as scientists from each of the disciplines of knowledge, especially technological ones dedicated to the subject, have built a hydraulic network that, although in some places it is not going through good times, they try to grow and fulfill its mission.

World Water Day arrives this year in an environment fully dedicated to guaranteeing its supply to cities, communities and hamlets throughout the country, for the development of daily life, with the supply of drinking water for human consumption with the required quality, complying with the parameters and regulations of offering a salutary industry. Likewise, great priority is given to the promotion of agricultural and livestock projects, to supplying industries, health, educational and productive centers, with a high priority.

Since the mid-20th century, great economic and technological efforts have been made to provide the country with a network of dams, micro-dams, aqueducts and safe reservoirs, that store significant volumes of water, protecting against risks and guaranteeing consumption and fishing activities in surrounding communities. In this way, the knowledge accumulated by scientists and Cuban technicians in the management of the vital liquid.

However, the population and the authorities are not satisfied and believe that can and should work better in the rational use and saving of the precious natural element, just as it is necessary to solve serious problems that affect its supply in certain populations where supply is scarce or insufficient. It cannot be denied how much the tightening of the blockade  makes life in the country difficult in multiple spheres.

But Cubans, tireless, continue working to guarantee the flow of water clear and limpid everywhere, with rational use that guarantees happiness and peace for everyone, and even more so taking into account that in recent years Cuba has also been punished by long processes of climatological droughts that mainly affect the agriculture and development plans.

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