ALCONA, 26 years of doing sustainable work

ALCONA, 26 years of doing sustainable work

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Created 26 years ago, ALCONA S.A. is currently a fundamental company in terms of the collection, production, transformation and commercialization of goods and services derived from Cuban biodiversity, in accordance with the criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability, systematized practices in the world under the term of biotrade.

Founded on March 14, 1995, at the proposal of the then director of the National Company for the Protection of Flora and Fauna, Commander of the Revolution, Guillermo García Frías with the aim of commercializing productions and occasional surpluses of that sector, among others activities, over time it has become a fundamental entity within the agri-food branch of the country.

This is due to the fact that ALCONA has expanded its work since, in addition to the aforementioned activities, it also has the responsibility of increasing the lines of online sales, as well as drawing lines of work with other national entities for the distribution of its products, both in the national market and for export.

In this regard, Neylis Cepero Valero, Deputy Director, mentioned among the institution's main foreign clients countries from Europe, Latin America, Canada, Asia and Africa.

On the other hand, she explained that its leading product is charcoal and its derivatives, obtained from the marabou -invasive plant that stalks our growing areas-, highly demanded in the international market due to its quality.

Regarding the projections for this year, ALCONA foresees, among other objectives, to reestablish the sale of freshwater ornamental fish and to work together with the production companies of the Flora and Fauna Business Group in promoting certification of production of flower and ornamental plants the export market demands.

Likewise, the executive finally said, the company intends to export the coal with highest added value, thanks to the recent redesign of its CARBONEX brand, which includes small formats.

All this, together with a new visuality, an evolutionary design that reaffirms the main values of its work, environmental responsibility and socio-economic sustainability, will make ALCONA S.A. a company of national reference.