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And long live love in a new Valentine

By: Alina Veranes
Feb 14, 2023
And long live love in a new Valentine

As in the whole world, Cubans celebrate love in all its manifestations, but above all the romantic love of couples, on this new Valentine's Day. And more on this planetary February 14, which in 2023 is challenged to instill in humanity the greatest possible joy and the most invincible hope, due to events that have shaken the Earth.

But it is clear that thinking and feeling love and happiness also come to us.This beautiful day, also called Day of Love and Friendship for some years, on the recommendation of the United Nations, has an origin marked by an inspiring legend, which speaks of the feeling of young lovers and the sentiment of human solidarity that usually accompany believers of a faith or ideal, or those encouraged by friendship, which for many also means brotherhood.

And long live love in a new ValentineThe beautiful legend originated in times of the ancient Roman Empire, under the reins of Emperor Claudius II, who mobilized thousands of young men to fight in his wars of conquest. Those almost beardless soldiers were forbidden to marry, under penalty of death dictated by the cruel tyrant. But they say there was a still young and kind priest, named Valentine, dedicated to secretly marrying such boys with his loved ones, just before leaving, perhaps not to return, to the battlefront.

The young lovers were not resigned to losing a secret wedding night with their pure lovers, once the union was consecrated by the holy man.But the altruistic Valentine was discovered and sentenced to death by order of the emperor.Before he died, he had time to work a miracle: restore sight to the daughter of one of the representatives who sentenced him, a beautiful girl whom he loved in silence, and they say she also loved him.

The constancy of this miracle served as the basis for many years later, redressed by his great human sensitivity, the Church officially instituted him as a saint and declared the date of his execution, February 14, as the official day of his death.As you can see, it is a story of multiple messages that invite the growth of the soul.Valentine's Day, or Love and Friendship Day has today a very marked rhythm of the times.

It is widely enjoyed in Cuba by everyone, but more than anyone by those with a fresh heart, no matter how old they are. They usually do exchange gifts, go out to eat or dance, to the city, go to parties, the premiere of clothes, declarations of love, requests for marriage or life together... You know, just like in other places. Never ever is a day ignored, both in the green and in the ripe ones. Emphasizing feelings, rather than the value of gifts, is another of the challenges of these times. Thank you, lovely Valentine!

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