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BauMec, a synonym of success

By: Mercy Ramos Photos: Jose Tito Merino
Oct 05, 2022
BauMec, a synonym of success

Emerged about two decades ago, the BauMec group, which stands for Good Advisors and Only Mechanics, is one of the most successful new companies in the non-state sector that the country currently has.

According to its President, Daniel Ricardo Pita Castro, the company was created as a way to make all the knowledge of its technicians available to customers to solve problems with their cars and equipment, while establishing harmonious social communication. with them.

The company has been growing and evolving due to the capacity and experience of our workers. We are always looking for ways to improve. We always try to make a specialized service that is different, attractive, dynamic and welcoming that satisfies customers. We are very transparent," he assured. The reason for the group's existence, Pita Castro told this publication exclusively, is &that you feel that your car is in good hands. Have no doubts, you can be sure that BauMecte will repair the car.

For this we have 8 workers who do everything. We do not pigeonhole them, we see the possibilities of each one and, accordingly, they do their job", he explained. When answering a question about the difficulties that the entity may face to acquire everything necessary in order to offer its services, he said that, "in light of this, BauMec is growing to offer an efficient service, since in Cuba there are already many suppliers, many marketing companies, to which Mipymes have access to acquire everything necessary in terms of materials and implements and spare parts, to carry out the work".

In this regard, he mentioned among the conditions currently offered by the country for Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) the productive chain offers many facilities to solve problems. "We have a chain with several companies in the country, hence we can solve our needs and those of the more than 700 clients we have between individuals and state entities," he said.

Despite the success achieved, BauMec aspires to much more and future plans include creating a classroom -although they currently offer training to its technicians- for its mechanics, as well as an establishment where they can design their uniforms and other articles with the brand, internationally known.

For this dreamy Cuban businessman, the success achieved is not his alone: &I thank my family and Cuba that have made it possible for me to move forward.

I am Cuban, I am a nationalist. This is my country and here is my future." He assured him.

BauMec participates as an exhibitor in the first International Transport and Logistics Fair that takes place at PABEXPO with the presence of some 70 companies from 12 countries, organized by the PALCO group and FIRA Barcelona, convened by the Ministry of the sector.

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