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Bucanero from Cuba: 27 years of quality and tradition

By: CubaPLUS Magazine
Jun 07, 2024
Bucanero from Cuba: 27 years of quality and tradition

Bucanero S.A. Brewery, located in the eastern province of Holguín, celebrates its 27th anniversary today, with a work characterized by the tradition and quality of its products, which places the company in the preference of Cuban consumers.

In the opinion of its general director, Erick Williams, the brewery has a wide range of potentialities. It can produce one million 800 thousand hectoliters by 2032, thanks to the excellence of its personnel.

Pursuing this objective, this Thursday, the company inaugurated a new barrel production line, manufactured by the Italian company Comac, as part of a project to expand the supply of products in the domestic and international markets. This investment, valued at four million euros, doubles the brewery’s output.

The CEO commented to Prensa Latina that Bucanero, apart from this second line of barrels, wants to reestablish the capacity of the bottling line in the next two years.

He pointed out that for this project, in the first place, the labeling machine, the filler, and the bottle conveyors will be replaced, which will double the volume of beers and malts.

With the use of barrels and bottles, the company promotes the use of circular packaging, said Williams, who emphasized that these forms of commercialization ratify the company’s commitment to recycling and care for the environment.

(With information and photos from Prensa Latina)

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