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Canada will continue to be the first issuer of tourists to Cuba

By: CubaPLUS Magazine Photos Ferval
May 05, 2024
Canada will continue to be the first issuer of tourists to Cuba

Canada will continue to be the first source of tourists to Cuba because between both countries there are strong ties of friendship and brotherhood, assured the island's Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos García Granda.

During a meeting with the press at the end of the closing ceremony of FITCuba 2024, García Granda said relations with tour operators and airlines in that country surpass commercial ties. "There is loyalty because the ideal between client and supplier is that relationships are accompanied by understanding, listening to each other when there are difficulties, and those who have difficulties can recognize and explain at the moment that they are there to work together."

We have these relations with Canada and I am very happy with the result of them, said Garcia Granda when answering a question to this magazine. We have always had that relationship of sincerity and I have no doubt that Canada will continue to be the first market for Cuban destinations, he assured.

On the other hand, he expressed his satisfaction with what was achieved during the fair and valued the results of the negotiations carried out with Latin American countries, which he described as hopeful for the remainder of the year. Participants in FITCuba were pleasantly surprised by what they could see of Cuba and noted that "we are an ideal country for tourism."

The character of Cubans, their solidarity, their education and preparation makes us truly unique, he emphasized. In another part of his statements he spoke about multi-destination and the benefit it brings to the Latin American and Caribbean region and said what is needed is to solve the issue of connectivity and added: "connectivity today is everything. If we resolve that situation there will be growth in tourists for the entire region," he concluded.

The 42nd edition of the International Tourism Fair FITCuba 2024 closed its doors this Saturday, after four days of exchanges, negotiations and presentations, where more than 1,500 participants from 68 countries and nearly 70 journalists from 12 nations were able to learn about the offers and possibilities available to the sector to vacation in this Unique Cuba.
Unique for its beauties and the kindness, joy and welcome of its people.

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