Caribbean House in Santiago de Cuba evokes prominent intellectuals

Caribbean House in Santiago de Cuba evokes prominent intellectuals


Prensa Latina

 An homage to the outstanding Cuban intellectuals Joel James, Armando Hart and Fernando Martinez becomes the symposium which began in Santiago de Cuba consecrated to the first of them, founder and director of the Caribbean House. 

The reverence to the Haitian culture is another of the 11th edition’s program aims which will extend until Sunday 14 with rapprochement to the lives and works of these thinkers, whose legacy extend beyond their physical disappearance, 12 years after James’s decease and only few months since the death of Hart and Martinez. 

In this first day, a collective exhibition of painters from this eastern city was inaugurated and it was dedicated to the memory of who struck a chord in the essences of the traditional popular culture and was the architect of the Caribbean House 35 years ago at the same that of the International Festival which already celebrates 37 of those region’s festivities. 

Doctor Carlos Lloga, institution’s specialist, referred how difficulty was the classifying of James in a specific discipline or task because he got along with magnificence like anthropologist, historian, writer, essayist and culture investigator. 

Redefinition, in practice, of semantic processes in the French grave, World Heritage and traditional popular culture’s forms as well as the community education in Santa Elena and la Socapa-Caracoles neighborhoods were subjects in the beginning of the event agenda. 

The special panel Metepec, magic town, will include lectures of culture and government’s authorities from this Mexico’s city who at the same time will present to the Caribbean House a Tree of Life. 

At the end of the meeting the doctor Canton Wilsos, from Haiti, will expose the project about a creole language’s book in that nation whose hallmark will be stressed with an approaching to the literature in this Caribbean country and the Haitian-Cuban festivity with the carrying groups Pilon del Cauto, Barranca and Thompson.