Casino: find your partner and enjoy

Casino: find your partner and enjoy


By Fabiana Matamoros

At the top of Cuban dances, the casino, also known as Cuban salsa, is one of the most widespread in the national territory. This is a dance of national origin that appeared at the end of the 1950s in Havana, and it is called this way because that is how the social centers with a dance hall were known at the time.

Although it is not attributed an authorship, its essence reflects how elements of previous music-dance modalities converge, such as the son montuno.

Creativity and fun are distinctive elements in this popular Cuban dance, also characterized by freedom of body and spatial movements. The casino reflects the character and strength of the Cuban people, the sandunga and the seasoning of this ajiaco (meat and vegetable soup).

A dancing wheel is formed! It is a phrase commonly heard among dancers. So much creativity led to the exchange of couples, and thus the casino wheels arose.

Dancers move to the orders of a guide: the one who sings. Give me 1! Give me 2! Thus begins the maneuvers of the wheel. «Seventy for you, under the cave ...» and thus, the originality of Cubans becomes a dance.

Unlike other local dances, this one is not the kind that you need to dust off from time to time. As a couple or in a circle, we get ready to dance casino "in a two by three", both at a party and in university parks or just a group of young people who simply hang out.

If you want to dance a good casino, on your visit to the island, come to the Arab Union of Cuba on Prado Street in Havana. There, you don’t even need to arrive with a partner, someone always takes you out to dance.