Cats, the most loving felines

Cats, the most loving felines

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Cats are considered the most loving felines, since this family of animals is made up of around 37 species, among which are lions, leopards, pumas, jaguars, cheetahs and tigers, which, without a doubt, are not even the least bit affectionate.


These felines celebrate their International Day every August 8, as it coincides with the time of greatest fertility in the northern hemisphere, a day that was established by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. But in addition, cats have two more days of celebration in the year.


On February 20 in honor of Socks, which was the pet of former North American President Bill Clinton, whose owner decided to euthanize him that day in 2009 for suffering from cancer and also on October 29 when the United States commemorates National Day of the Cat at the proposal of an expert in the behavior of these little animals to create awareness in the population, about the number of cats abandoned on the streets of cities.


Cats or kittens, as they are affectionately called, contrary to the opinion of some people, offer their love to those who welcome them into their home, which they manifest in many ways. For example, when they have their tail erect and vibrating, it is that they are greeting you affectionately, while if they like to sleep next to you, it is because they feel safe.


When your cat rolls up between your legs, it is indicating that he loves you and if he walks along them and rubs them, it is communicating that he feels protected by your side. Also when he lies down with his tummy up it means that you have earned his trust.


So if you still don't have a pet at home, decide this day and adopt a kitten, because in addition to giving you love, it will surely serve as a company at some point when you feel alone.