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Chalet de los Álamos, a happy farm

By: Alina Veranes, photos: Grupo Flora y Fauna
May 25, 2023
Chalet de los Álamos, a happy farm

Known by the name of Chalet de los Álamos, it belongs to the farm or agro-tourism farm located in Yaguajay, a historic municipality in the central province of Sancti Spíritus, a region of beautiful traditions linked to the land, such as peasant tunes and ancestral legends. Also subordinated to the Provincial Flora and Fauna Company, with a marked protective seal of the environment and nature, there they offer hospitality services to national and foreign clients.

So it is a cozy and simple place where you can appreciate the beauty of the Cuban rural landscape and the advancement of ways of life put into practice by the hospitable and also simple inhabitants of those nearby communities or located in the place. Agrotourism is called that modality that promotes contact with traditional customs and current techniques for improving life and food production, through modest progress and promotes healthy and happy lifestyles, in harmony with a fascinating natural environment.

Chalet Los Alamos rises in the community of Meneses, belonging to Yaguajay. Painted green, it stands out like a sign of nature from the gentle hill that makes it all the more remarkable. No one gets lost on the way to find it. It is a quiet place, conducive to paying attention only to the noises of the countryside, such as the sweet song of the birds and the buzz of branches moved by the breeze that cannot be diminished by the voices of some leaders haranguing their oxen to carry out the tasks in the groove.

Not everything is calm and inactivity, because the estancia offers you to attend informal or casual social and cultural activities that usually color the events of the life of the neighbors, such as parties, fairs and country parties. Special moments are the walks that can be taken through the intricacies of the nearby foliage, very shaded and cool in the midst of a prodigious evergreen vegetation.

The Jobo Rosado Managed Resources Protected Area, under a systematic scientific activity, protects various species of flora and fauna, which will surely be possible to admire and delight in a vacation in the place. As for the Chalet that today is an emblem of those places, previously it was called Chalet Elisa, the name of its first owner, and it was always located in the middle of lands always considered fertile, mainly destined to sugar cane crops for the ingenuity of the area. Equipped with five rooms, it offers lodging services, day trips, as well as national culinary dishes, with the seasoning of the locals.

The idea of renovating and giving life to the old house with a program of public services began to materialize in 2006 with the premiere of the safaris to the guests of the hotels located in the Cayo Santamaría Tourist Pole. It can be affirmed that at present the farm has positioned itself within the main destinations of international tourism from the keys of the center-north of Cuba. A walk well worth it.

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