Cneuro, more than three decades working for Cuban health

Cneuro, more than three decades working for Cuban health

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Founded 31 years ago, the Cuban Neuroscience Center (Cneuro) is today a reference institution for the work carried out since its inception in the research, production and commercialization of advanced technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of brain dysfunctions.

Among the work carried out by Cneuro is the development of solutions for disabilities such as hearing aids, resonance tomography and neurophysiology services, as well as the performance of clinical trials for BioCubaFarma.

Likewise, the institution has created related companies outside of Cuba in several countries, including Mexico and Spain. In addition, it installed a Neurotechnology laboratory in China for joint work. At the present time the planet's population lives an epidemiological situation caused by SARS-CoV-2, and Cneuro is one of the Cuban scientific institutions engaged in the fight against the pandemic.

The center is involved relevantly in several important tasks such as the construction of emergent pulmonary ventilators and ventilator attachments; the repair of broken imported ventilators, the manufacture of personal protection means, the organization of studies on the effects of the new Coronavirus on the brain as well as in the analysis with artificial intelligence of chest X-rays and the manufacture of medical supplies such as hyssop nasopharyngeal and facial masks.

All this work reflects the spirit of dedication of professionals and employees in general of the institution who strive to make Cneuro a high-tech company, and organize the new National Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Program.

Congratulations to all Cneuro employees for the new anniversary on behalf of the editorial team of CubaPLUS magazine.