Coffee, coffee, everything you say will be understood backwards

Coffee, coffee, everything you say will be understood backwards


Por Mercy Ramos

As the song says: coffee, coffee, everything you say will be understood backwards ... because this universal drink is not always harmful to health, as many people think.

On the contrary, it has various beneficial properties. Cubans are coffee "fans", especially strong or just strong, and there is no possible substitute in the morning when they wake up. With this, many assure that their day is fixed.

Visiting a home in any city on the island and not being offered coffee is almost a sacrilege, but it is even more offensive not to accept it. It can be said that almost 100 percent of adults in Cuba consume it in one form or another: espresso, cut, cappuccino, but always coffee.

Tea, many Cubans claim, is for the English. According to specialists, coffee can cause anxiety, headaches, tremors, nervous agitation, tachycardia, gastrointestinal discomfort, it may raise cholesterol and decrease fertility in women.

However, among its beneficial properties are that it helps burn fat and improves physical performance, concentration and encourages staying awake; fights depression, reduces the risk of diabetes, is an effective ally to combat some neurodegenerative diseases, prevents heart attacks and contributes to fight all types of cancer.

Recently, the British scientific publisher BMC Public Health reported that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk than those who are not consumers of the aromatic nectar of suffering from chronic liver disease or dying from this type of disease. The study authors recalled that coffee is widely accessible and its benefits, they pointed out, may mean a potential preventive treatment for chronic liver problems.

Of course, the recommendation is to drink between three and five cups a day, because everything in excess can be harmful. For those who still doubt the properties of the aromatic grain, it is recommended to try it and they will feel much better.

If you don’t, ask the dog in the image, that when coffee is being prepared at home, she is the first to claim her "cup" with happy barks.