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Cojímar, the peace of the Cuban world of fishermen

By: Amanda Bedia, photos: Asbel Gómez Dumpierre
Mar 13, 2024
Cojímar, the peace of the Cuban world of fishermen

The charming neighborhood of Cojímar has enchanted its inhabitants since the day they are born and to visitors once they meet it. Of humble origins, it also knew flashes to fall into a certain mist. However, it is famous for its beauty and serenity and everyone they know located in the coastal region of the Habana del Este municipality, and with a moderate extension of 4.2 km, enough space to gather natural, historical and sociocultural charm, among the which the river of the same name stands out.

cojimar-habana-3.jpgBut it also has a beach, a valley, a forest, the Torreón de Cojímar, belonging to the fortification system of Havana, described as Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The cozy surroundings of the town are about 7 km east of the City of Havana, and occupies space near the Avenida Monumental and the urban conglomerate of Alamar, a very popular area. The life of this friendly and quiet community is closely linked to the waters, whether coastal or the Cojímar River, drinking water supplier, for agriculture and means of communication, a whole character in the region.

Fishing services have a greater preponderance over agriculture because the lands have been infertile. However, the fishing activity does not have great strength either. That coastal community emerged closely related to the so-called Torreón de Cojímar, an old Spanish fort part of the great defensive system built in function of the city of Havana, founded on July 15, 1649.

Grown from a humble fishing village around the Watchtower, the place began to see better times in the 19th century. Since it was also a kind of terminus of the larger nucleus of Guanabacoa, subordinated to the capital, arriving there from summer vacation from the Captain General, senior officers and the most great families to take baths and enjoy the healthy climate. So Recreational places and even large residences were built in the area of the beach.

cojimar-habana-4.jpgThen it had another period of splendor in the republican stage, only for the very rich or wealthy, always as a beach summer area. However, more modern times relegated it to a certain oblivion. as a fashionable vacation area, and there are those who say that it was because Its bathers were too modest and did not easily accept the modern audacity. Who knows where that legend was born? crazy. The truth is that in terms of beach tourism staff, it stopped competing, and with modesty left its natural jewels for her own and their very privileged charms still dazzle.

And no doubt, its beaches are full of bathers, without fuss, but enjoying the world. The Las Terrazas de Cojímar restaurant has always been a very recommended place for lovers of popular seafood, sprinkled with spices and delicious Cuban cocktails. It was a place very visited by the writer Ernest Hemingway when he lived in Cuba until the 60s, shortly before his death.

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