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Coming to Cuba is a wonderful experience, considers Colombian communicator CubaPLUS

By: CubaPLUS Magazine
Jun 19, 2024
Coming to Cuba is a wonderful experience, considers Colombian communicator CubaPLUS

For Ms. Patricia Zorro Arellano, a social communicator from Colombia, she said always coming to Cuba It is a wonderful experience, because first of all the people are magnificent, loving and they receive us very well but, in addition, we always find magnificent things.

In statements to this publication, this specialist, who participates in the XVII Seminar International Journalism and Tourism, added: “what better than enjoying a mojito, the classic Cuban cocktail and also have the experience at the Casa del Tabaco. That for me is very valuable”, because the Cubans are pioneers in this crop and are excellent producers of tobacco, she meant.

 Later, also referring to Cuba, she reiterated that “its people are wonderful. Its streets, Its architecture and tobacco can be said to be the emblem of the Cuban people.” When talking about her participation in the seminar, which takes place at the International Institute of Journalism “José Martí”, she said that it is very useful because “it gives us the possibility of exchanging with participants.

Spending minutes on the conversation, she said ¨Here I feel very comfortable, whenever there are tourism seminars, I will try to come to meet again with my friends and to learn from the wisdom that Cubans have in all the topics that they try."

For Arellano, attending the event this year gives her great expectations because listening to the specialists present at this meeting, especially the Cubans, gives the possibility of acquiring new knowledge on topics related to tourism. “I have always said that listening to a Cuban professor or specialist is the best thing we can do or happen, because they have great knowledge and a very high degree of specialization," she highlighted.

On this occasion, the Colombian communicator will offer an interesting talk about the Harvest Festivals, traditional celebrations of the city of Pereira –where she comes from, where every August they commemorate the founding of the capital of Risaralda, with numerous cultural activities for the enjoyment of the entire population of the town and its visitors.

This XVII edition of the International Seminar on Journalism and Tourism that will conclude  next Friday, has the participation of about 60 specialists from Latin America, Canada and the host country with the support of the Cuban Ministry of Tourism.

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