Confucio Institute promotes Chinese culture in Havana Fair

Confucio Institute promotes Chinese culture in Havana Fair


Prensa Latina

The co-director of Havana University’s Confucio Institute, Zhang Wei, offered in the context of Havana Book Fair a conversation about the performance of that academy to promote China’s literature. 

The conference gave by Wei was center around the wide potential of knowledge granted by the institution during the last eight years and the actions concerning cultural exchange between the people of both countries, so distant geographically, but joined in many aspects of the social and historical scope. 

Our essential mission, the institute’s representative highlighted, is the study of the Chinese language, but we also have other join activities, among them those which are carried out in the China Popular Republic and it is the case of the Summer Course for Students, and the Education Course for Professors. 

The co-director of the high educational institution stood out the idea of the significant promotional role that plays the entity through which a mutual correspondence of cultural interest is encouraged. 

There are beauty relationships between both people and strong bond of solidarity, because of that we exchange Cuban and Chinese literature also through the emotions; the specific, humanist and rich language of the poetic makes that our knowledge can communicate with easiness, Wei expressed. 

We contribute to that the Cuban literature be published in China and ours be popularized in Cuba; these are the aims of the Confucio Institute in this nation and also, writing of poetries, writers’s lectures, that exchange between Chinese and Cuban writers offers knowledge and rapprochement, he indicated. 

There, in the distant land, cradle of one of the oldest philosophers and wise man that existed, we have a sentence which says: if there is a mountain, although it is not so high; if in the waters of the river, although they are not deep, a dragon exists, both they will become magic places, Zhang Wei paraphrased. 

The Confucio Institute’s academic concluded the meeting when referring to it as a closing of the activities carried out by the institute in this 27th edition of the Havana International Book Fair, carried out as every year in the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress.