New Cruiser Routes Connect Cuba with the United States

New Cruiser Routes Connect Cuba with the United States



Shipping company Silversea will start making trips to Cuba from February next year, when it plans a total of five, while for 2020 there would be another 12 trips, according to a report published by the website Cruise Industry News.

The note adds that the inauguration of those tours will be made by ship Silver Wind, set to sail next February 14 from San Juan Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale, in a trip of seven nights which will include visits to Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Bimini.

For its part, Silver Spirit will leave San Juan on February 22 in a ten-night trip with a one-night stay in Santiago de Cuba and stopovers in Cienfuegos and Havana; stops in George’s Town, Key West and Bimini, to conclude in Fort Lauderdale.

Other trips are scheduled for March, April and November next year, leaving San Juan and Fort Lauderdale, indistinctly, including stopovers in those Cuban cities.

The director of Silversea for the Americas, Mark Conroy, expressed his satisfaction for having Cuba among the destinations of their cruises over the next years and added that the island is the fastest growing destination in the Caribbean, that many luxury cruise passengers are eager to explore, as they can enrich their experience with a fresh perspective of the people, traditions and natural marvels of the greater of the Antilles.