Cuba International Book Fair attracts Chinese art

Cuba International Book Fair attracts Chinese art


Prensa Latina

Chinese artists will play a leading part with a cultural gala performance the third day of the 27th International Book Fair which is carry out in the Cuban capital. 

From the Asiatic nation coming to Havana Shandong song and Dance Theatre company, which has almost twenty artists who will offer two shows in the Havana’s Great Theater Alicia Alonso. 

With the title of China’s Happy Spring Party 2018, the grouping will perform music scenes, dances and acrobatics, among other performances, all related with the traditional culture of this country. 

According to the 27th Fair edition’s organizers, different Cuban institutions will also contribute to highlight the Chinese culture in the course of the event which was opening the day before in Havana and planned to be carry out until next February 11. 

The most transcendental event in the Cuban publishing field also becomes the most agglutinative cultural space in the country and this year it has exhibitions, concerts, dance shows, wushu exhibitions (martial art) and a Chinese cinema’s exhibition in the Infanta movie theater. 

The Chinese delegation attendances to the fair is composed of 130 representatives of more than 60 publishing institutions, among them 11 famous writers with their most outstanding works translated to Spanish and English. 

At the same time, China exposes about seven thousand volumes in a 400 square meters stand, approximately, in the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress, main headquarters of the cultural meeting.