Cuba to attend 3rd Continental Congress of Culinary Heritage

Cuba to attend 3rd Continental Congress of Culinary Heritage



Cuba will participate in the 3rd Continental Congress of Culinary Heritage that will take place online from October 21 to 23, through streaming channels, live. 

The president of the Federation of Culinary Associations of the Republic of Cuba (FACRC), chef Eddy Fernández, will make the presentation, framed in business and creative economies in heritage cities, one of the three directions in which the event will move. 

According to the announcement made known by the FACRC on its website (, the meeting will bring together professionals with international experience from Europe and America enabling Cuba to show its expertise and contribution to the preservation of the heritage of Creole cuisine, considered cultural heritage of the nation. 

The proliferation of small private businesses in the eight Cuban heritage towns in recent years has allowed the Culinary Federation to further promote its cuisine in all the country's gastronomic establishments, with special emphasis on those cities, which represent symbols of birth of a nation, adds the information. 

This event, which will take place online, as required by current times due to the situation imposed by the new coronavirus on the world, has as its official headquarters the city of Portoviejo, Ecuador, under the auspices of the Technical University of Manabí.