Cuban babalawos announce their predictions for the year 2021

Cuban babalawos announce their predictions for the year 2021

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The known as Letter of the Year for 2021, according to the Yoruba religion, was announced at dawn on January 1 by a group of Cuban priests in Havana.

These predictions are expected every beginning of the year by the believers and practitioners of the cult of Ifá as they outline the guidelines to be followed for the next 365 days, including tips to maintain good health and attitude towards life.

The letter of the year, as is tradition, was drawn by the smallest priest and indicates as the main prophecy "A firm and secure good health that Orula will provide to this land."

On this occasion he announced that the ruling orisha is Olokun, one of the most respected and mysterious deities of the Yoruba pantheon and represents the sea. 

He will be accompanied by Ochún, queen of love, fertility and who in Cuba syncretizes the Virgin de la Caridad del Cobre, while the ruling Oddun (sign) is Ika Fun.

Recommendations for the year include: a call to families to instill respect, education, and a love of work; maintain established hygienic sanitary measures, to periodically check health, increase personal hygiene, wash hands and respect the laws of the country to avoid legal problems.

The Yoruba religion is practiced by millions of people in many countries of the world, especially in Africa and the Caribbean.