Cuban documentary awarded at Malaga Festival

Cuban documentary awarded at Malaga Festival

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The documentary “A media voz” by Cuban filmmakers Heidi Hassan and Patricia Pérez was the recipient of the Silver Biznaga Award for Best Director at the 23rd Malaga Film Festival in Spain.

With a script, general direction and photography by both filmmakers, the documentary is a co-production between Cuba, Spain, France, and Switzerland and addresses in an autobiographical way, through audiovisual correspondence, experiences of those who were friends since childhood and migration separated them for 15 years.

The documentary, according to a note published on Twitter by the Communication Department of the Ministry of Culture, has been presented at several international events with good acceptance by critics.

Among the recognitions won by “A media voz” are that of the last edition of the International New Latin American Cinema Festival in Havana, when it was awarded the Coral Prize for Best Documentary Feature Film and the Prize for Best Feature Film at the 22nd edition of the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA), in the Netherlands.

The 23rd edition of the Malaga Film Festival had to be postponed last March due to the epidemiological situation caused by Covid-19, and after premieres, screenings and awards ceremony, the event ended this weekend.