Cuban music and cuisine will unite in a novel audiovisual project

Cuban music and cuisine will unite in a novel audiovisual project



A novel audiovisual project will be carried out between the largestmusic publishing house in Cuba, EGREM and the CulinaryFederation (FCC), in which the harmony of national music andcuisine will merge.

Information published on the FCC's Facebook site adds that theagreement was approved by the General Director of EGREM, MarioEscalona, ​​and the President of the Culinary Federation, EddyFernández, who agreed on the benefit to the country that couldmean to promote heritage values ​​of both cuisine and music asoutstanding attractions of the Cuban tourist destination. of thelargest of the Antilles.

The project will have as its identifying axis the anthological piece “LaGloria eres tú”, by prominent Cuban composer José AntonioMéndez and the script and direction will be in charge of the talentedand several times award-winning video director, Alexis Oliva Roche.

According to the purpose of this new audiovisual, "the providentialcongruence between cuisine and music gives this unprecedentedattempt a sure success in sales, both inside and outside thecountry."

The audiovisual product that includes a meticulous compilation ofmusic with recipes of Cuban cuisine dishes will be ready for nextyear and can be enjoyed during the new edition of Cubasabe andthe International Tourism Fair, which will take place in Varadero.