Cuban Rafael de Aguila wins Casa de las Americas’s Literary Prize

Cuban Rafael de Aguila wins Casa de las Americas’s Literary Prize


Prensa Latina

 The Cuban writer Rafael de Aguila won the Casa de las Americas’s Literary Prize 2018 in the story form with his work Todas las patas en el aire, the organizers of the contest announced. 

´´A book of the wish and the unease whose characters are located among the bewilderment and the lucidity, the desperation and moments as much a precarious happiness as intense´´, points out the jury’s minutes announced in a ceremony held in the Che Guevara Hall of this cultural institution. 

Written with a dense and enveloping prose, the author develops captivating histories framed in different times and geographies, the stories of Todas las patas... also present layers of looks and voices which contrast that questioning the reality from different perspectives and they reflect the uncertainty typical of this time." 

The rest of the prizes were presented for the texts Paraje Luna, by the Argentinean Fernando Jose Crespi, in the theater speciality; and the novel Tracing JaJa, by the Barbadian Anthony Kellman, in English or Creole Caribbean literature. 

Clapping in the artistic-literary subject rehearsal’s section, were for the Argentinean Ana Forcinito for the text yeme con los ojos: Cinema, women, visions and voices; while in Brazilian literature the prize was awarded by Carlos Cortez Minchillo with the study Erico Veríssimo, escritor do mundo

The prize of studies about the woman was won by the Cuban Yanetsy Pino Reina for its multidisciplinary approach to the insular women poetry of the ends of XX century and beginnings of the XXI with the title Hilando y deshilando la resistencia: pactos no catastróficos entre identidad femenina y poesía (Spinning and unraveling the resistance: non catastrophic agreement between women identity and poetry). 

Besides the six form in contest, during the ceremony were announced the works and authors winners of Poetry Jose Lezama Lima, of Narrative José Maria Arguedas, and Rehearsal Ezequiel Martínez Estrada prizes.