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Cuban sayings, a tradition from generation to generation

By: CubaPLUS Magazine
Aug 02, 2022
Cuban sayings, a tradition from generation to generation

Sayings or adages are phrases widely used that always contain a teaching, and Cuba is not different. Practically the entire population, whether adults or youths, are aware of them, since they are transmitted from generation to generation, which is why, despite the passing of  centuries, they remain in force.

There is a large number of them, some more popular than others and that at some point the father, mother or grandparents use them to teach a younger member of the family whenthey make a mistake or simply to warn them of something that they are going to do and could harm them in some way.

For example: "Tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who you are". In this case, it means that if someone is related or has friends with inappropriate behavior, they will be classified in the same way.

When the river sounds…it is because it brings stones". This alludes to the fact that when there is a rumor about someone, it is because there is a reason. Another saying that is also very popular is: &child who does not cry, does not breastfeed". It means that when someone wants something he has to ask for it, otherwise he will not get anything.

"No evil lasts 100 years, nor a body that resists it." In this case, it is a phrase of encouragement and insinuating that at some point the bad luck will end. Another widely used adage is &the devil knows more because he is old than for being a devil", which means that experience is really what contributes to people's knowledge.

The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language defines the proverb as a sharp and sententious popular saying that usually contains a piece of advice or a moral to learn that advises waking up every morning with the following adage: "Whoever wakes up early, God will help him".

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