Cuban Yoruba priests alert of diseases and evil

Cuban Yoruba priests alert of diseases and evil



The Letter of the Year 2020 alerts its followers in the prevention of sexual diseases and those derived from alcohol, among the fundamental advices to follow in the next 12 months, as well as not telling lies, not stealing and not paying good with evil.

At a press conference offered at the headquarters of the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba (ACYC), the members of the Letter Commission of the year, said that this period is to be governed by the deity Oshun, which syncretizes with the patroness of Cuba, the Virgin of Charity of Copper, queen of love and fertility, owner of fresh waters, rivers, streams and springs.

As for sexual diseases, priests warned of impotence at an early age, as a result of prostate problems in men and the abuse of drugs and preparations to increase male virility and potency.

It also includes among the prohibitions "do not eat Okra (okra) to avoid humiliation and disappointment", and "do not eat Akra (bean cake) to avoid bad luck" while it is suggested not to wear red dresses or anything where is drawn or painted a monkey of any species.

The Letter of the Year also advises to reduce the consumption of pork, because "it speaks of human destruction" and suggests burying of the dead.

That Yoruba ceremony is held every year on New Year's Eve and lasts until the first day of the new year with the aim of offering a series of advices to all believers, so they can enjoy a better life in the coming year. Select priests of Ifá (Babalawos) participate in it, who have the most years of initiation in Cuba.