Cubanacan, 35 years creating good memories

Cubanacan, 35 years creating good memories


CubaPLUS Magazine

Established in 1987, Grupo Cubanacan S.A., International Trade and Tourism Corporation, reaches its 35th birthday with outstanding work in favor of Cuban tourism and establishing itself as a pillar within the sector in the largest of the Antilles.

Leader of the hotel industry in the country, it currently has some 17,000 rooms in 111 facilities, almost a third of the accommodation in the island, of which 67% corresponds to sun and beach tourism,  star product of this destination . It maintains solid relationships with prestigious foreign chains that manage 19 of its hotel facilities, among those with the highest international demand, both owned 100% by the Group, as well as more than 2 dozen joint ventures that the institution has with various foreign companies.

Cubancan hotels operate under the name of 5 brands. The so-called Brisas with a 4-star category, the 3-star Club Amigo, and the Horizontes located in natural environments, governed by the current principles of sustainable tourism.

E Hotels are those linked to the surrounding culture; while those in the city, ideal for circuits and hostels, a new line of work, are identified with their own names. Quality and safety are features that distinguish the group's tourist services, since in addition to having very well-equipped facilities with all the comforts that a vacationer demands, the professionals who work in them are highly trained and offer the best of themselves, so that visitors have better and safer vacations.

Beaches, nature, city, history, art and health, that and much more you have in your hands with Cubanacan, so that you continue creating good memories.

Big congratulations from the staff of CubaPLUS magazine to all your workers with the wish, also, that they continue to reap many successes in their work.