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Cubanacan predicts growth in Canadian tourism next winter

By: Mercy Ramos
Jul 03, 2024
Cubanacan predicts growth in Canadian tourism next winter

Canada, the main source market for tourism in Cuba, is by preference the first in the Sun and Beach modality, hence it is at the head of the clients that Cubanacan receives, especially in its facilities on the seashore.

In an interview granted to this publication, the president of the Cubanacan Group, José Alberto García said that precisely for this reason we have remodeled many facilities, especially located in the spas and we have reopened new services and offers, for which we are convinced will be much more attractive for the Canadian market.

LMR_5975r.jpgWith Canada, he continued, we operate with most of its tour operators, including Sunwing, Air Transat and Hola Sun. These are fundamental for that market, with emphasis on the east of the country, where our facilities have been remodeled, with new offers and new attractions and, obviously, winter is going to be much better than last.

We are going to ensure growth in the next high season, he highlighted. In the east he cited as an example the reopening of the Marea del Portillo and Farallón hotel, after a remodeling with the support of local authorities. In this area, about everything in Santiago de Cuba and Holguín we hope to have a very active season this summer and for next winter, he considered.

Regarding the quality of the offers and services, García explained that the new campaign “Do it with C” aims to encourage workers to perfect the quality of services “because what we need most is quality. Provide quality in tourism “It gives us assurance for marketing,” he emphasized.

And regarding the motivational campaign “Do it with C” that focuses on words with that letter, among them: Cuba, Caribbean, Quality, Heart, Creativity... this journalist happens to think that Canada, such an important market for Cuban tourism and with which the largest of the Antilles has maintained relations of collaboration and brotherhood for 77 years, it may be involved in that promotion, since its name also begins with C.

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