Cuba’s National Ballet shows new woman face in Don Quijote

Cuba’s National Ballet shows new woman face in Don Quijote


Prensa Latina

 The leading ballet dancer of the Cuba’s National Ballet (BNC) Claudia Garcia models today the leading role of Kitri in the classic Don Quijote which represented for the first time. 

With 23 years of age, she doesn't lack desires of ‘eats up’ the stage and energies seems to have enough for a promising career. 

With the character of Kitri I completely identify myself, it looks like me, its optimism, the happiness, the get on well with people, confessed to Latin Press this young woman who won a silver medal in the XII International Competition for Ballet Students, held in Cuba, in 2014. 

During the school stage she considers as essential the training with professors like Silvia Rodríguez, Mirta Hermida and meanly Elena Cangas who always thought her for the pas de deux of Don Quijote, although they never staged the performance. 

After graduating with Gold Title in the National Ballet School Fernando Alonso, Garcia began its professional career in the Cuba’s National Ballet, under the direction of Alicia Alonso. 

In this place she values as essential and is very grateful to the prima ballerina Viengsay Valdes for all advices gave by this star, for whose videos she studies from an early age, and she also feels rewarded by the rehearsals performed with the professor Linnet González during the last weeks. 

The above mentioned videos about Valdes in Don Quijote made a real impression on Claudia because, according to her, she is a world referent and a born performer, besides she studies recordings of the Cuban Ofelia González, the Spanish Tamara Rojo, the Russian Natalia Osipova and the Argentinean Paloma Herrera, because she notices and observes the typical details of each one. 

Garcia already performed the Giselle ballet’s Queen of the Willis, and to the Lissette of the ballet La fille mal gardée, however, the current proposal offers her the opportunity to perform for the first time in three straight acts as leading performer and carrying out 32 fouettes (turns on a leg while the other one opens up as whip). 

The audience has never seen her in those and other technical challenges that she took over in the Havana’s Great Theater Alicia Alonso, together with Raul Abreu, who was her partner in the pas de deux performed in an international gala carried out in Campeche, Mexico, last December. 

The young ballet dancer aspires to go on develop herself as an artist and she dreams to perform someday to Odette and Odile, the two enchanting leading roles of El Lago de los Cisnes (the lake of the swans). That is perhaps the highest challenge, because of the duality of both characters and the work with the arms, I love it, the dancer said a shortly before go in to another rehearsal of Don Quijote, an opportunity that means challenge and happiness for her since with that spirit faces everything.