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Cuba’s resort hotels roll out circular economy

By: CubaPLUS Magazine
Dec 13, 2023
Cuba’s resort hotels roll out circular economy

A group of circular economy initiatives are being developed on today by workers and managers of the Iberostar Daiquirí Hotel in Cayo Guillermo, north of Ciego de Ávila province, in order to contribute to the tourism sustainable development.

The Hotel Director-General Fernando Ortega on Wednesday said they are working so hard to eliminate single-use plastic items, optimize the operation of water purification plants and make progress in waste management.

They are also replacing disposable cups with other biodegradable or durable and reusable materials and are also increasing purified water production to meet room and gastronomy demands, Ortega added.

Other actions are the substitution of nylon bags for long-lasting deposits for collecting garbage from green areas, interior areas and rooms, as well as the classification of elements by type of waste to be reused, explained Ortega.

He said that they also use solar water heaters to ensure the availability of hot water for customer use and disinfection processes in different service areas, which means considerable savings in electricity.

He pointed out that the main goal is to make better use of available resources to produce goods and services, reduce the consumption of raw materials, water and energy sources, and promote the recycling of materials into new products.

(With information and photos from Prensa Latina)

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