Dance, a Way to Happiness

Dance, a Way to Happiness


Prensa Latina

The first dancers of the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) Dani Hernández and Rafael Quenedit have found in dance their ideal way to happiness.

As has happened to most artists in the world, Covid-19 has altered the routine of classes and shows of these high-performance athletes who would have been dancing the classical Coppelia at the Alicia Alonso Grand Theater of Havana. 

I haven't breathed the air of the halls, I can't wait to return, says Quenedit, a young man who in addition to trying to keep his physical shape, spends time reading.

But Hernández is following suit, the pause has helped him to continue to develop his bachelor thesis in the Art of Dance about a phenomenon of great value for Cuban culture and universal history: the Cuban school of ballet.

Dance, regardless of its style, is one of few ways that leads us to happiness; a form of reflection and healing that, little by little, is relaxing every fiber of our body, allowing us -at least for a moment- to forget any difficulties that we are going through, the passionate dancer told Cuba Internacional.

We only have to let it reach our hearts, live the stories, move, feel each musical note, fly in that world to where only dance takes us and where, without realizing, we end up with a great smile of happiness on our face, being part of those great things of life, he reflected.

For his part, Quenedit cannot believe that two months have passed since the temporary closure of the company. I live for my career, says the artist, who won the Amici (Friends) Contest Award on Italian television last year. 

Dreams have just been postponed; for now, these two first dancers of the BNC wanted to share their emotions.

BNC Director Viengsay Valdés backed up her colleagues by saying, As long as there is a pulse, there is dance.

According to the renowned ballerina, dance has been deprived of its spaces and shows these days, so a necessary movement emerges to express from home. Then, there is a mixture of creativity, wishes and illusions. We are moved by an internal rhythm, the impulse of feeling dance, she explains as an acknowledgement of all professionals who have not stopped working at home.