Day of plastic artists, makers of beauty

Day of plastic artists, makers of beauty

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Capable of transmitting emotions by dint of imagination and creativity, plastic arts professionals, who contribute so much to making the planet richer and more friendly, are honored every September 21 on an international day.

In different parts of the world the Day of the Plastic Artist is celebrated to recognize the work of these creators who, inspired by their own imagination or reality, are authentic makers of beauty through painting, sculpture, drawing, architecture, engraving, ceramics, goldsmithing, crafts ...

From its own origins, the human being has expressed his vision of the surrounding world and the feelings of it through forms and figures, as evidenced, for example, in the prehistoric cave paintings found in rocks and caves at various sites.

In their evolution, these manifestations have been enriched, encompassing different artistic disciplines and with the use of various materials, techniques, means and objectives.

Included within the fine arts, the term "plastic arts" appeared at the beginning of the 19th century and from the middle of the following century, with the development of new proposals in this cultural field, the term "visual arts" began to be used as well. that includes the new media that have been appearing, such as electronics and computers. The various objects and paintings created by pre-Columbian aborigines, whose traces have been found in different parts of the country, can be considered as primordial manifestations of the plastic arts in Cuba, although the birth and development of a national worldview starts from the aesthetic conceptions brought by Spanish colonizers and African slaves.

The first Cuban painter whose work is known is Nicolás de la Escalera (1734-1804), self-taught, who reflected scenes of the society of the time, and the first official center established on the island for the teaching of these disciplines -second in the American continent - was the school of San Alejandro, in 1818.

The plastic arts are among the main values of Cuban culture, with creators who have marked times and styles, and are among the best in the world.