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Day of the wetlands: Birama Swamp

By: Alina Veranes
Feb 02, 2023
Day of the wetlands: Birama Swamp

On the World Day of the Wetlands –February 2nd- we will talk about the Birama Swamp, second largest of Cuba and the Caribbean, whose name has been written both as the Birama Swamp or Virama Wetland.

It extends over 57,048 ha. with the added surface extension to the estuary of the Cauto River, the longest of the country, after it starts flowing in the Sierra Maestra mountain range and passing by the fertile zone known as Basin or Valley of the Cauto river.

Day of the wetlands: Birama Swamp

It is valued as the greatest water basin of the country,  being a zone of the delta type, that unites with the rich mangles of the Granma and Las Tunas provinces that meets with the Guacanayabo Gulf and extends to the southern shores of the Granma and Las Tunas provinces.

Experts consider they treasure the most splendid and healthy mangles of the Cuban archipelago. And this is because its areas are those that have suffered less invasive action of men.

This intrícate net of estuaries, lagoons, wetlands and swamps, has great beauty, as it givs the impression of almost virginal region. Endemic species of the typical flora and zoological like the Catesbaeagamboana and AnoIisbirama,are part of its singular biodiversity.

Dazzling magnificent colonies of pink flamingos (Phoenicopterusruber), that nest in larger numbers of over 20000 or 30 000 pairs each year.

But also there are colonies of herons and  cocos, the cateys, the so-called dirty carpenter, sebiyas and yaguasas.

One of the most attractive animals are the crocodile type Acutus or American, that together with Rhombifer are the two types of  formidable saurios that live in Cuba, complying with strict rules protect and the development of scientific investigation programs.

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